Or Dacquoise

Larousse spells it sans the 'c'; thus, Daquoise - but the most prevalent
spelling is DaCquoise out here in the internet (about 50 times more
Marjolaine seems to be spelled 'marjolaine' (no change) and is strikingly similar.
Succés has an accent on the 'e' and is not much different.
Progrès has a left leaning accent on the 'e' and is pretty much the same.

And a progrès is what I actually was making - a base for a cake/torte.

Although brain fatigue set in and I did it with walnuts instead of almonds (accidentally; I was shelling walnuts for something else amidst all the meringue-making, was interrupted and subsequently grabbed the wrong bowl).

2x 20cm (8") Successful Progressive Dakquoise
Oven at 175c/350f
Parchment paper the bottom of the 20 cm rings

50 grams icing sugar
80 grams ground nuts (almonds! optionally walnuts/hazelnuts; superfine [flour-like])
75 grams egg whites (about 2 1/2 large)
20 grams sugar

Mix A together
B: Beat egg whites 'til holding some shape
Add sugar in 2 stages to whites; beat until glossy but not dry

Fold 1/4 of B into A to 'temper' the nuts/sugar mix.
fold A into B gently

Pipe the result into the 2 rings in a spiral (from the center outwards); if you're realy good you'll be able to forego the rings and pipe freehand directly onto parchment [good luck].

Bake 20 minutes; until browned. Cool on a rack. Pop out of rings and remove parchment. Bag the discs and freeze for a couple of hours (or 2-3 days) (helps to dry them out I think).

When I use them to make the cake I'll coat them with a simple syrup to keep them from sogging up too much from the cake ingredients (which will be lemon mousse).

Derived from Food Management: Recipe for Lemon Mousse Cake.

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