Zucchini Dust

On Sunday I was experimenting in the restaurant's kitchen by making dehydrated zucchini in the microwave. The idea was to make zucchini dust, zucchini powder, zucchini flakes - - or whatever you want to call them. Real fine, lightly flavored, green, mini flakes of vegetable.

I'll do it again this weekend a make a foto.

The process:

  • Peel strips of zucchini skin (mostly the green part, minimized the white) using a potato peeler (maybe a microplane ribbonizer would be good here)
  • Lay on paper towels
  • Zap in microwave for 1 minute (the time was pretty arbitrary)
  • Open microwave to let steam escape
  • Lay paper towel on top and turn over to the other side
  • Zap for another minute; open door to de-steam
  • Repeat until the strips are crisp (I did it 3 times)
  • Crumble strips to crumbs by hand
  • Chop the crumbs up some with a sharp knife.
Worked like a charm; and much faster than the electric dehydration machine.

They have quite a bit of flavor - not neutral at all. It sprinkles well. I don't know what the tendency to rehydrate will be when it's lying around the kitchen.
I think it would be a good highlight, dressing, to a dish that includes zucchini anyway. Also maybe good on certain flavors of ice cream.

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