Those are croquettas, croquettes, krokets. More on them later.

I really must get back to blogging. There's been something of a pause since the big hard drive failure; which was somewhat depressing. Sorry to leave you, my loyal audience, at loose ends.

I've got quite a backlog to take care of and tomorrow
I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks to boot. That should provide some interesting material and many low quality pictures from my camera-phone.
Today, by the way, is Charissa's birthday. Have a happy.

As for the croquettes... there's a place I go to for lunch every so often; El Cafetin, in the Carrefour shopping center down the road a bit.

Here in Spain there's a big restaurant business to be done in inexpensive sit down lunches. A starter/salad, main course with vegs, dessert/coffee and wine - a package deal. Typically about 9 Euros around here.

Anyway, this modest restaurant is run by a fellow who's obviously serious about producing good food and not just slinging steaks. The point is not the croquettes themselves but that they're presented on a plate with superfine string potatoes, fine shredded carrot and a cherry tomato. Way more than is strictly required; and it turns out that the carrot slivers and the fried potato strings are really tasty together. A special effort. And part of what keeps me going back.

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