Goat Cheese Salad

No photo, but here's what we actually do...

  • Take an individual salad bowl
  • 1/2 fill it with prewashed mixed "gourmet" lettuces
  • 1/2 some (3) cherry tomatoes; place the 1/2s, cut-face down, around the edges of the salad. Use 5 halves and eat one half cherry tomato
  • walnuts (¡ surprise !) spread in a little circle in the center (some, not a lot, nor too few)
    • (optional) eat a piece of walnut
  • slightly warm a (large) slice of goat's cheese; not the dinky little 1" (2,5 cm) ones. Get the big suckers (or use 2-3 of the mini ones) - oh, use the microwave but don't melt the cheese.
  • pour Modena Vinagrette over the salad (before the cheese goes on) (1 part Modena vinegar to 2 parts very good olive oil)
    • don't overdo it or you'll have a "salad soup" when you reach the bottom of the bowl
  • plunk the cheese into center of the salad

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