Pompeii Pizzeria

When recently visiting Naples I also toured the ruins of Pompeii. Destroyed in August of the year 79 AD. 1928 years ago.

This is the only picture I took while there... of a wood-burning oven, the oldest I've ever seen (or probably ever will). Given that it was probably old when the city was ruined the beast is maybe 2000 years old. Things haven't changed much in the wood oven business although given the height of the archway people weren't so tall back then.

Okay, they were probably more into bread baking than pizza making but I can imagine, can't I, that both were cooked there.

Another pic can be found at Picasa
And here's another oven at Pompeii that I didn't see with a big pic of it at Chef Mike Online. The web's a wonderful resource.

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