Pizza & Wok

This is the dining area at "Pizza & Wok" in Madrid. Simple, clean lines. Calle de Emilio Carrere, 9

For lunch (8 Euros [10 bucks]) you get all you can eat rice and pizza and 1 soft drink. This was the chicken curry rice. 'Twas okay.

And the bacon & onion pizza. I think it was a premade, commercial, crust. Didn't quite do it for me.

They have a pretty cool oven though. You can see the oven floor half way up the opening. it rises and falls according to the temperature to get the best results (it's all the way down when they load or retrieve the pizzas). The overall look is rather industrial - no romance.

All in all - middling. Okay for a bite to eat but nothing to write home about.

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