This is what happens if you leave garlic on the counter for a week or three.


It’s really quite pretty.

Each clove is a potential garlic. It's would be sort of like cloning.

I have a vague plan to plant it but buying a planter and dirt would far exceed the ration of return on investment that I could get – versus simply buying garlic at the market.

The satisfaction of growing my own cannot be undervalued though.


Shalee said...

Hmmm.... I have a planter already...

Do I separate the cloves or plant the whole bulb? Sorry, though I love garlic, I'm a planting idiot.

willson said...

Plant individual cloves, 5 inches apart and the whole clove part under ground (only green sticking up). They love the sun and hate being waterlogged. It takes a while for them to turn into real garlics. It'll be the fall before your crop is ready.

You can plant them as early as you like. They tolerate cold/frost no problem.