Il Pomodoro: Pizza Mexicano

The Pomodoro chiringuito (beach bar) and pizzería at Vera-Playa, Andalucía, Spain; at the right (south) end of the naturist zone (El Playazo beach).

A very nice pizza – I enjoyed it. 12 €. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, minced beef, onion, and hot sauce on a thin artisanal crust; nice and picante.pomodoro-pizza-mexicano-29072009533

Good char too from their wood burning oven.


It had a little too much salt and I’m sure there could be a better quality mozzarella cheese. For those trying this at home remember that spicy foods require less salt than usual to bring out the flavor; the spiciness perks it up instead.

I’ll be back - to try the margherita pizza so that I can check out the tomato and cheese quality without the distraction of all the extra stuff.

After lunch you can take a walk on the beach to burn those extra calories; or have a siesta on a lounge under one of the sun umbrellas in front of the bar.

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