The Bus

I travel around mostly by bus; as in… going back and forth to Madrid from the beach.  It’s a good 550 kilometers [350 miles]. Luckily medium and long-distance buses in Spain can be very comfortable.


They usually have TVs (see picture, above) and show movies on longer trips, there is a washroom of course, several music stations to choose from, individual air controls, and reading lights.  It’s somewhat like air travel.  There is no galley and that is not a stewardess1 you see in the photo. Since there’s no food service (or smoking) they stop every 2 or 3 hours for a break at a bus station or highway rest area; it’s also to give the driver a rest.

All in all not a bad way to travel and it’s ecologically responsible too.

1 I live in Europe, on the continent, and I knowingly and happily use “politically incorrect” terminology.   Note: the term flight attendant would hardly be appropriate here, would it? 

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