Les Dessous de la Robe

4 rue Bertin-Poirée 75001 (M) Chatelet
Lunch -
Pre: Salmon salad - 2 big spoons worth -mousse-like. Thought it a bit dry. Dressing on the salad greens was a well balanced lemon/mustard.
Main: Melon & Chevre salad. More greens, tomato & cucumber too. The chevre with melon combo didn't quite catch my interest.
Wine: The blanc de jour - Wanted more than a glass but less than a bottle. They don't have pichets so they open a bottle and you pay for what you drink.
Dessert: Tarte de pomme de grand mere. A flavor, subtle, that I did not figure out. Some other type of fruit I'm sure - kiwi?
Failed to ask.

Cafe in a nice little glass with assorted chocolate, cookies, cinnamon, sugars &c.

I had a seat where I could see straight into the kitchen and the one fellow in there worked sharply, cleanly, hygenically, and smoothly. It was interesting to watch. I went at 2:00 (not at the lunchtime peak) so it was pretty easy-going... maybe more a typical deranged kitchen at 12:30.

They're closed for dinner on Mondays.

Fair price, lovely decor, good service, good presentation, v.good wine, food... I'll go back and see if they do better.

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willson said...

Currently they appear to be closed for lunch too.