Roti Chicken on Sunday

Spent the last couple of days sickish. Flu-like. No posts.

It seems that here on Rue Belle Feuilles that Sunday's the day to pop over to the shop to get your spit-roasted chicken. Lines at the two places that have them can run a 1/2 hour long. Get there before 1:30 - they close early.
I prefer the shop of the right (Boucheries Fillion).

I got 2 herbed poulet for dinner (4 persons) and then over to the bakery for a couple of baguettes (Boulangeries Paul). Chicken 14€, bread 0,80€ each.

Wet the outside of the [paper] bags the chickens come in and stick them in a low-heat oven. Meanwhile, I cooked the Max Havelaar (fair trade) biological agriculture whole grain rice.

Red wine from the Catalan region of France @ Monoprix about 3,50€

No veggies as I was lazy and we ate late anyway (23:00).

Headed to Dehillerin later (Rue Coquilliere @ (M)Chatelet)

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