Snap dinner

Was programming all day and didn't get out of the apt for lunch even. Just had paté de foie gras on swedish breads (little toasted ½ loafs) at midday.
Dinner was planned as a light salad (less light than last night's - but still lite) until suddenly great hunger was expressed and thus the plans changed. I finally went out into the streets of Paris; in search of supplementary food. Just to the Monoprox across the street but at least I got out of the house. 2 (Irish) filets, a tiny can of french green beans and a bottle of cheap white cab.
Sauté chopped garlic in small pan, toss in green beens warm it all up and add wh. wine - boil 'til reduced to nada and the alcohol is sure to be gone. Just gave the (canned) beans a touch of home-made.
The filets were sautéed too. We only have teflon here so not much in the way of deglazing can be done - but I do anyway. Set filets aside, deglaze with sauterne, flambé, reduce/cook away alcohol and add a commercial pepper sauce; return filets to pan.
Oh yes, the main thing I wanted to note was the salad. It was baby spinach leaves; baby tomatoes marinated in (commercial) seafood sauce with a touch of sugar; and sliced ham (sweet) that had been marinated in soja & a little plum vinegar. It was very good.

Wine: Château Thuillac, Côtes de Bourge 2000 (Grand Vin de Bordeaux) Gironde - don't bother (although maybe the bottle was off?)

Reading: Professional Cooking Fifth Edition; Wayne Gisslen - well, skimming actually.

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