Work at Home

Well... in this case"home"is the alternate home in Paris. Due to a sudden change of plans I'm stuck here for another week. So today's leftovers for lunch were the remnants of the potatoes from the LCB recipe and the meat picked off of yesterday's rotisserie chicken.
Also doing the 4th quarters IVA (sales tax) documents online (today's the last day) and discovering that my bank and the tax department don't communicate too effectively; so I can't put the verification number (acquired from the bank online) of my payment into the tax department's online forms. Screwed - I paid but I can't tell them about it. Going to have to go to the office in person with piles of papers and try to figure it out (correct it) manually - after I get back to the other home. It'll be a challenge what with my bad Spanish and all.
Dinner tonight is lite lite lite & at home. Salad greens, mini tomatoes and maybe a little foie paté (ed. turned out not to be foie [apparently too fatty] but sliced/diced [sweet] ham).

Wine: Cellier Yvecourt 2002 Bordeaux (Grand Vin de Bordeaux) - very okay; bought it from the butcher shop across the street.

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