Leftover Cocido

Tonight - leftovers.
Well, actually, cooked up some basmati rice (oil in the pan, v. light saute of some garlic, then toast the basmati until you get that nutty aroma). Toss on a couple of tsp of Nori crumbs for added flavour. So that, technically, was not a leftover. But...
Found a jar of spinach in the freezer (yes, a jar, not a bag) and defrosted that to sauté in some garlic (love garlic).
Nuked the leftover sopa from the cocido; and warmed the meat of the cocido in the oven, covered with aluminum foil, while all the above was going on. It didn't turn out warm enough so I quick sautéed that to just to bring it up to temp (sans garlic though).

After dinner made a pisto out of the veggies in the cooler that were not going to make it through another day. The pisto will be the veg course for tomorrow night. Planning ahead!

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