Biftek Sauté Marchand de Vins

Well! Today was an small adventure.
The plan was 1) entrecot & 2) brussel sprouts with bechamel. & 3) some potatoes.
Made the bechamel (1st time) almost per Julia's instructions (forgetting to boil the milk until the roux was already ready). So, took the roux off the heat (kept end edge of the pan hot to maintain temp); nuked the milk [added the ¼ tsp salt, late], reheated the roux 'til it foamed, pulled it off the heat (again) and dumped in the boiling milk; whisking away. Worked like a charm. I impressed myself. Seasoned the stuff and burnt the brussel sprouts -- thus had nothing to bechamel with.

So, lesson 2 becomes Bechamel Storage for later use. Put a film of milk on it (to minimize "skin") and 'fridge it.

The entrecot? Pan-saute it. 1" thick lomo alto. Very hot pan. Sear, cook, reducing heat; flip. heat back up, then down again (have really got to learn how to do this properly some day). Takes quite a while to cook a thick biftek actually - - we're not talking anount "minute steak" here.
Set aside when done. 2 Tbl butter into the pan (with the meat fat), saute 3/4 of a shallot (no garlic in today). Deglaze with brandy; ½ glass red wine (be sure to burn off all the alcohol); add the juice from resting meat (for flovor); reduce; whisk in butter; plate meat and pour the sauce over.
Basically it's a Marchand de Vins sauce with brandy insead of the vermouth/wh. wine.

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