Filet pieces Provencale

Didn't get around to anything interesting; just busted open a box of vegetable puree. Added pepper, olive oil, tabasco and a little creme fraiche.
That was lunch & will also be the starter at dinner.
The main for dinner was a quick fry of some defrosted filet pieces I found. Very top quality meat; just some bits and pieces I had left over from when I cut a large piece of meat into little filets. They're quite thin bits, maybe 1 cm thick, 3-5 cm long/wide.

Salt & peppered the meat & then sprinkled some Aromatic Herb mix for meat (Herbes aromatiques pour viandes) that I got from the Ateliers Monastiques de l'Etoile of Bethléem (Paris)- sort of a Provencale mixture.
Then the usual start: pan, olive oil, smash a clove of garlic and chop a bit - fry lightly. Toss meat into pan. Fry/brown overall; midway add a dash of cayenne. Remove meat; set aside. 1/4 glass of red wine to deglaze the pan; splash in some Lea & Perrins while reducing; return meat juices to the mix; reduce some more; pour result over meat. Eat.

The meat will come out cooked all the way through but not tough at all because it was such a great cut to start with. The flavor depends on the garlic, wine, L&P combo - because it was frozen the meat flavor's not on top.

Reading: Cross Stitch : Diana Gabaldon

Looked at the Ritz Escoffier school page. 6 weeks at 980€ a week, and you can take them one at a time.
This, against the 7.000 € for LCB Paris at 5 weeks (continuous intensive; versus the regular pace of 10 weeks)

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