Was down at the beach place

and painting the door frames. Getting some sun. I love lying stretched out in the sun on January 2. It's the next best thing to going swimming in the sea on Jan 1 (when other than Polar Bear swims).

Just finished: Stranger in a Strange Land (revised edition): Robert Heinlein
Currently reading: The Men and the Girls: Joanna Trollope

Thinking of applying to LCB Paris for the Summer Intensive Culinary.

Dinner, blindingly simple: Penne pasta w/ Tomatoe Sauce: saute garlic, onion; salt;(strained?) tomatoe, oregano, Fresh Basil, tomatoe paste/concentrate, pepper, cayanne; Salchichas (cooked separately); cooked off the bits of the salchichas with just a touch of red table wine and put into the sauce.

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