Spanish blood sausage; boudin; black pudding. That was dinner tonight.

Bought Burgos style morcilla (w/ rice & onion in it) at the supermarket. Just cover in a pan with simmering water - - 15 minutes. Remove, allow to cool slightly (10 min). Slice into 1cm pieces - -which are then sauted in just a touch of oil (use the same pan as was used for boiling). One pan meal/snack. Simple as can be.

Have planned next week's dinners and shopped for it all in one blow (although I far prefer to shop daily). It's going to be:
- Cocido
- Entrecot w/ Brussel Sprout in Bechemal; fries
- Trucha / trout ; rice
- Asado de vaca / a roast; roast small potatoes

- Friday's my day off, leftovers, and practice / prep for Saturday which is a dinner party (basically they're coming to eat my cooking - - my 1st "presentation" dinner).
So far:
- Keller: Parmigiano Reggiano Crisps with Goat Cheese Mousse
- Some sort of cracker with Morcilla/Boudin Mousse

Salad de Rucola/Rocket avec foie gras

Something done with meat, French style, and a significant sauce
Potatoes au gratin

A desert - nonspecific

Let it thus be said....Lots of work still to do.

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