Cream of Broccoli, potato & squash

I did the Karlos Arguiñano recipe of the day today: Cream of Broccoli, potato & squash
My only change was to add green pepper and celery to the broccoli cream; so it tasted less of only broccoli

- For the cream of broccoli:

400 gr. of brócoli
1 glass milk / cream
1 T butter
virgin olive oil
a little nutmeg (basically decoration)

- For the squash cream:
300 gr. of pumpkin
1 potato
1 carrot
1 onion
1 leek
1 clove of garlic
cream / milk
virgin olive oil
chives (decoration)

- For the potato cream:
2 potatoes
cream / milk
salt & white pepper
Flat parsley (decoration)

Clean and cut the squash. Put into the pressure cooker with a little oil. Saute it and add water. Put on the burner to boil
the steam and distributes brócoli cut in ramilletes. It ripens and when it begins to cook, it places the cover and it lets cook 1 minute from the moment at which it begins to leave the steam. It retires brócoli and with an electric mixer, it crushes the cream of pumpkin and pásala to a jar.

Pon mantequilla, a little oil, milk and brócoli in a casserole. Dale a fervor, tritúrala with a beater and colócala in a jar.

Pela the potatoes, trocéalas and put them to cook in the pressure cooker wit water and a pinch of salt. When they are cooked (7 minutes approximately), ccream in the stick mixer (add butter & creaam/milk to achieved consistency).

It serves in individual containers, the cream of brócoli and the one of pumpkin simultaneously. In the center it places a spoonful of potato cream and adorns with a little jamón fried or huevas of trout.

Reading: The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency: Alexander McCall Smith

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