1000 Recipes

I'm on for book 18 from 1000 Recipes.
Book 18's mailing list is:

  1. The fabulous FoodNerd newly ensconced in Chicago IL
  2. Rachel-Wyoming MI
  3. Kathy-Ontario Canada
  4. Stefanie-Redmond WA
  5. Jill-Vancouver BC Canada
  6. Maureen-Kinross WA Australia
  7. Willson from Will's Eats Madrid Spain
  8. Lisa-San Francisco CA
  9. Cara-West Vancouver BC Canada
  10. Bart-Paris France
  11. Nathan from Reality Food Network-Chicago IL
  12. Brandon from Brandon Eats-Richmond VA
Book 18's not in the mail yet - I don't think. Looking forward to it. Better start planning my pages.

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