Welcome to the 1000 Recipes Bunch

Welcome to all those who are finding this by way of 1000 Recipes. Sorry that it's not updated often. I'm having a spell of laziness. That, and the fact that my ThinkPad T30 was in the shop (again) and I've been using a borrowed X40 for the last 2 months. Now that I've got my machiine back maybe I can get everything copied back over to it. . . . . except that the 4th time I started it up I got a mysterious "Fan Error" message - which worries me.

Hell, even if it was updated it wouldn't be all that interesting.

You want a good food blog? Try The Amateur Gourmet.

Update on ThinkPad: Apparently a "Fan Error"can occur if you have
  1. an old, tired, battery and
  2. a dying internal backup battery

Or so I'm told. I haven't ordered new ones yet since I'm trying to figure out whether the cost is justified versus buying a new machine.

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