Civet of Wild Boar

A grand success. Although when I described it as what amounts to "Wild Pig in Chocolate Sauce" the looks were incredulous.

I used Bourdain's recipe from the Les Halles cookbook (more or less); substituting great big shallots for the onion, doubling the garlic, using filets instead of shoulder and forgetting to pat dry the meat after dumping everything in the colander. All in all about typical for my ability to follow a recipe. Oh yeh - I also failed to properly brown the meat - pulling it off before it really showed good color 'cause I was worried about overcooking the filets.
I'd been talking about this recipe with some people who love good food but find it "too complicated" to do at home. I told them that they probably have all the ingredients (except the meat) in their cupboards at home - it's not complicated.. All it takes is some technique. That's the difference between Bourdain and the commoner - that, and a hell of a lot of Attititude.

And, despite my creative approach to following the recipe, a reasonable success.

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