Life in the Kitchen: One Day at Work: Making Things Smaller

Working in a kitchen can be fun - but it's not all about actual cooking. A lot is about making things smaller. Lessons learned: work on your knife skills.

Here is what I did in one day at work (our "prep" day - when the restaurant is closed). Actually, I missed taking pictures of a whole bunch of stuff but you get the idea. The day consisted almost entirely of cutting veggies into assorted sizes.

Mirepoix (large - could have been left whole 'cause the stock cooked for a whole day)

Brunoise of Carrot (large)

Chopped Onion (roughly)

Julienne (very fine) of Onions, Carrot, Leeks, and Mushrooms (sliced)

Brunoise (very very fine) of Onion & Green Pepper

Sliced Onion

Jardiniere (large sticks) of Carrot and Zuchinni

Julienne beans, carrots, zuchinni

Garlic, sliced (to be fried later)

Garlic, chopped superfine

Julienne of celery

Julienne of celery

Then, after work, a burger and a beer at the local cafe.

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