Restaurant; El Rincón de Pepe: Murcia

While away for the weekend we stopped a top establishment down in the town of Murcia (province of Murcia, Spain).  Excellent modern food.  There are pictures.

For starters:   A mixed veggie thing topped with some Iberian ham.  Think ratatouille.

Rincón Veggies

Then there's the squid (layers with potatoes) with a half ball of a paprika sauce.  It's a variation on the classic Galacian squid dish.

Rincón Pulpo

I had ox (well, actually it was castrated bull but I think it translates as the same thing).  Just very slightly grilled, rare.  It's a very well marbled meat and they're using top top quality product.  Simple is good.

Rincón Buey  

This is cow cheeks with a rich brown sauce.  Oddly the accompaniment was something with banana.  Super.  Even better than my own version of this dish - which is usually pigs cheeks.

Rincón Tenera carilleras

And something resembling lemon meringue pie.  The bottom was not a jellied lemon pie filling but a lemon infused super fine cake.  And it had perfect meringue. I was so enthusiastic about this dish that we'd dug into it before I remembered to take a picture.  Ooops.

Rincón Lemon Merengue 

Summary.  Worth a side trip to visit.   Parking was tricky in the middle of Murcia. Pricey but not outrageous.

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