Assorted Cooking Disasters

This week was full of messed up attempts at various dishes. Nothing seemed to be working particularly well. There was the White eggplant and potato thing that way overcooked the eggplant. The slow roasted tomatoes that end up burnt. The roast turkey breast was not bad but turned out to be enough to last for about 5 days. All in all it seems that the stars were misaligned. I have pictures... but they're not pretty.

Was down in the south looking at a potential restaurant location last week (which turned out to not quite be what I was looking for) and when that didn't work out went to the beach place and encountered by accident a spot that might just be the thing.
Have been working on a proposal for a restaurant (that is to say... pizzeria) that I'm thinking of opening on the south cost of Spain. Perhaps the spin on this blog's going to change from What I Cooked for Dinner to What it Takes to Open a Restaurant.

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