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While down in Vera I was checking  out the local pizzerías.  One nice looking place at Vera Playa (Puerto Rey) is "Pizzería Trattoría Lua".  Linen service, crystal glasses, good heavy silverware,  well dressed servers, but an informal atmosphere. Upscale looking but not pricey at all.
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Hand rolled, baked in a gas fired platform oven in an open pizza kitchen.  I had ordered the Margherita with fresh tomato (the tomato could/should have been sliced thinner).

Their pizza: what I'd call American style; thicker crust, sort of soft, chewy, loads of cheese.
Pizza Lua-10112007788

I'd eat there again - because it's got a nice atmosphere and I enjoyed watching the pizzas being prepared - but I wouldn't be going just for the pizza.

Pizza Lua 1 - 10112007784

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