B2. Restaurant

As a food blogger it's my responsibility to get out there and sit in places like

on an indoor patio on a beach.

And eat steak with foie that looks like

and I feel obligated to have a nice glass of wine to go with it.

Life doesn't suck.

That's the Mediterranean out there on the horizon of this little restaurant tucked away in a corner of Spain. And that's a chuck of very good steak sitting on a slab of foie and drizzled with a sherry&honey sauce. And it's strawberry season so everything arrives decorated with strawberries these days.

The restaurant is called B2 and it's in Vera (actually it's in Vera-Playa [beach]) and they're excellent. I was there for a Saturday lunch and went whole hog. I hear that their weekday lunch, fixed price menu is very good too.

Excellent, professional, service. A god place for an above average dinner atmosphere.
Avoid the cheese cake for dessert - not up to snuff.

UrbanaciĆ³n. Playa de Baria 2, Calle Delfin, El Playazo, Vera Playa
Tel: 950 397 733

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