Cucumbers & Squirrels

This is a whole cucumber from the garden.

cuke whole 28072008005

Not huge, but eatable. Bigger than a pickle size; smaller than one of those long english cucumbers.

On the other hand... many cukes look like this:

cuke eaten 28072008001

Gnawed on by the damn squirrels! And a couple of decent sized ones have been stolen entirely.

Anyone have any suggestions? We're no abandoning the crop to the rodents but it's an uneven fight; there's more of them than of us. I fear too for the tomato's - slowly they're ripening and I suspect that hte squirrels will be at them too. If not the squirrels... then the raccoons.


Bob and Robin said...

Hello Canada! Good blog - I love it. You can try cayenne pepper on and around the cukes. Good luck with that. Look at our blog (I have linked yours) at

Shalee said...

Oh good grief... I read the title and thought, "I am NOT making that!"

Sorry about the squirrels. I don't have a single green thumb, so I'm no help at all.