The Stem "Open Kitchen" Diner: Queen Street West: Toronto

The "Stem" is a classic, authentic, city diner in downtown Toronto. The July 2008 Reader's Digest had an article about this fine old venerable institution. Alas, at the end of August or thereabouts a sign went up on the window stating that thee were to be renovations. Now, the last day of September... no sign of such renovations as of yet. Perhaps there's a Reader's Digest curse that caused this?

I took a picture through an uncovered upper window into the empty restaurant today and it looks unchanged. A light is still on.


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This "before" pic is from here ... Peter Grevstad

The question in the local media is "Afternoons And Greasy Spoons: Are Toronto's Diner Days Fried?"


Shalee said...

Oh, I hope not! You can't get that kind of delicious greasy food at other places. Think of the history lost if places as such are now more.

Chelseagirl said...

Again, attribution would have been fine. It's sad you just removed my comment instead of dealing with the photo in the correct way. Best of luck.

GBC said...

Would you allow me to use a photo on my site?
I spent many happy hours at the Stem going back to the late 70's.