Terroni Pizzería: Queen Street West: Toronto

teroni 26092008193

The Terroni's sausage pizza; called the Smendozzata (website). A well respected pizza joint on Queen Street West. I found it a wee bit on the noisy side; even for a Friday night. Difficult to talk across the table. Okay, more than a wee bit - very very noisy.

They do a good representation of a thin crust pizza; some say the best in town. Being a pizza maker myself I might be a tough customer - - but I found the crust, although correctly thin and with some rise to the edge, I found it to be "dead"; lacking in spark. Maybe not enough yeast that day. Maybe too little rising time. Perhaps it was pressed out in a machine.

Something killed the base - 'twas dull, boring. The toppings were good, the tomato sauce not bad and the sausage very nice.

I'd go again to see if the same thing happened; always willing to give the kitchen a second change.

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