Segovia, Spain

It's a holiday in Madrid on August 15 (tomorrow) so today is what's called a "bridge"day (puente).; the day between the weekend and a holiday that gives an extra extra long weekend (4 days).

I'm not working so I decided to go to Segovia for lunch.

The aquaduct. 2000 years old. Phone-camera. Sort of fuzzy edges.

Segovia is only 60 km (40 miles) away and I took the "old roadway" instead of the main highway, it takes 10 whole minutes extra and you don't have to pay €6,05 in tolls (each way).

The obvious attraction is the aquaduct; built by the romans in about the year 50. Still standing. Good workmanship I guess.

Lunch was traditional slow roasted suckling pig preceded by Morcilla (a riced-up version of black pudding).

Cochinillo for one. Wine: a very nice house Rioja. Water: Vichy Catalan (bubbly)

The place was Restaurante Duque; which has only been around for 111 years; but it's still nice. The meal went for under €40 (starter, main, wine, water, coffee). As an aside we will recall that Botin, in Madrid, is the oldest restaurant in the world.

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