Working in the Italian Restaurant Kitchen

It's been a while since I've really worked on someone else's schedule and got paid for it. Damn, but it's tiring.

I've been working the salad & cold-stuff station because the person currently doing it is leaving next week and their replacement failed to show up last Monday. I've also been doing the pastas the last couple of days. Easy enough - except for trying to remember the 12 combos of pasta/sauce for 5 different tables at once; without having anything written down. The chief chef just shouts out the orders from the other end of the kitchen and I'm supposed to catch it in one go. It's Not happening quite that way yet.

  • Ravioli (normal) with one of 9 sauces
  • Ravioli - asparagus w/ cream & Parmesan sauce
  • Ravioli - Spinach w/ cream & preening
  • Ravioli - Special (spinach) w/ truffles, smoked salmon, spinach leaves, cream
  • 3 pastas (ravioli, tagliatelle, gnochis) w/ 9 sauces
  • Tagliatelle (normal) w/ 9 sauces
  • Tagliatelle - Spinach w/ vegetables
  • Gnochis w/ Gorgonzola sauce
  • Spaghetti w/ 9 sauces
That's 41 possibilities - not counting little innovations that people come up with like "I'll have Bolagnese sauce with a touch of plain Tomato sauce please".


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