Deer - Two Ways: Way 2: Cold: Ciervo

This is not as much a recipe as a technique. The meat is roasted exactly the same as the other day but presented differently.

Properly done deer is quite a treat cold. In this case it's just the deer and the raspberry sauce although I considered making it into a Deer Salad.


  1. Roast the deer. Perhaps even less well done than before (max internal temp of 55C [130F]
  2. Slice very thinly. Maybe a ½cm [¼"]. Thin is the trick to being able to enjoy bunch of the sauce with each slice. We need lots of surface area to coat with sauce.
    • For a salad cut the roast in half horizontally first so you make thin, narrow slices; a size like duck breast.
  3. Arrange on a plate
    • For a salad put the meat on top - don't mix it in with the greens
  4. Puddle the raspberry sauce next to the meat
    • For a salad thin the raspberry sauce with red wine vinegar and virgin olive oil (equal parts of each of the 3) to make a raspberry dressing

Really, this is a sort of "what to do with leftovers" post


Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting!

willson said...

Yes, quite right. The quality of the foto is quite disgusting. That was done with my HP iPaq camera - which doesn't have a macro mode or a very fast "film speed" nor a flash not to mention very few megapixels; but I've gone out and over-splurged on a new phone/camera/organizer/gps/internet thingy (the Nokia N95) so the next pics should be considerably clearer.

Or perhaps the disgusting part was meant to be about the sauce? Sure, something like a blackberry sauce might have been better. That would give it more of the "wild" touch that a nice venision merits. I'll give it some thought.

willson said...

That's venison (not venision)