Incessant Posting - Cutting the Cheese

Now, for the nth post of the day - the first picture in the blog using the new phone-camera.

Taking an entire round of Manchego Cheese, cut it in half (using a really big heavy knife), then cut a 5 cm [2½"] triangular wedge from one half. Trim off the cheese-skin then lay the wedge on it's side. Take the knife and cut thin vertical slices (each of them now a thin triangle) of identical sizes - about ¼cm [1/8"] thick. Serve with green peppercorn mustard on the side (as you can see I use Maille's French Dijon Mustard).

Happy snacking.

This pic uses the close-up function and the flash and all sorts of fancy technology stuff to get it into Blogger (e.g. Bluetooth).

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