Revuelto de Morcilla : Scrambled Blood Sausage

Catchy title, isn’t it? 

My good phone-camera is currently missing and I’m using a backup.  One which I have, obviously, not quite figured out.  If this pic looks less than appetizing it might be the camera’s fault (or the user thereof) or it might be what you opine regarding the ingredients  - - or maybe the appearance of the final dish.


It really is very tasty and it’s not just a made up dish.  You can get this in cafés ‘most everywhere.

Revuelto de Morcilla : Scrambled Morcilla

Serves: 4


  • oil, for frying, and lots of it
  • 1 very large potato (or 2 medium large)
  • 1 morcilla (also large)
  • 1 green pepper
  • 4 eggs, stirred up with a fork
  • a dash of salt or two


  1. Peel then cut the potato into very thing julienne strips (we’re talking shoestring/straw potato sized)
  2. Place in a bowl of cold water, dump the water (essentially a rinse), refill with cold water and into the fridge for 20 minutes
  3. Peel the skin from the morcilla, cut into 1cm [1/2”] cubes
  4. De-seed the green peppers and cut into julienne [sticks]
    • The strips ought to be on the short side; maybe 4-5 cm [2”]
  5. Drain the potatoes; fry them up in a lot of hot oil until just turning brown (in a couple or three batches)
    • Dump the excess oil once the potatoes are done
  6. Fry up the green peppers, in a little oil, medium heat, until just softening
    • Add a dash of salt
    • set  them aside
  7. Fry up the morcilla, in a little oil, until just cooked
  8. Add the green peppers back, stir it around
  9. Add the eggs, stir it around until the egg-juice is just set (keep it moist – avoid over cooking and making it dry)
  10. Salt the shoestring potato straws
  11. Serve the scrambled up morcilla over a pile of potato straws

Messy and odd looking but good


  1. I used fresh Morcilla of Burgos (rice and onion based)
  2. Chilling the potatoes in the fridge is important.  I think this step gets rid of excess starch so the potato straws stay nice and separate
  3. Red pepper works just fine as well
  4. Using 5 or 6 eggs would be okay too.  I went really quite light on the egg proportion
  5. Potato straws can be made hours in advance, no problem - - and they’re good all on their own.

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