100 GB - Can it be Filled?

It's after the xmas vacation. I'm back home and the 100GB drive (to replaced the freaked 40GB one) has arrived on the front doorstep. Literally. It appears that the express delivery people found no one at home and elected to heave it over the gate to land on the front (granite) steps. It was not stolen but may have spent up to a week exposed to the elements. The package was wet from the rain but 100% sealed and appears unharmed.

Someone will be getting an email about that tomorrow.

Installation proceeds. Luckily I already had my handy dandy Recovery CDs and have swapped in the new hard drive; swapped the CD drive that was acting flaky; reinstalled all from square one and am doing (endless) updates of Windows XP. Approximately 150 Meg of updates so far.

Then I get to try to do some recovery from my unreliable backups.

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