Brussel Sprouts & Water Chestnuts

Love those brussel sprouts! Really.
Hated them until I moved to Holland and discovered what good fresh vegetables tasted like. And that brussel sprouts can be a taste treat (instead of a gaseous horror).

The picture maybe looks a bit of a mess but that's mostly my fotog skills; 'm still saving for a new camera. The one I've got dates from 1999. A Toshiba PDR-M1 which has an astounding 1.5 megapixels.


  • 500 gr brussel sprouts - fresh [1#]
  • 200 gr water chestnuts [6 oz]
  • 2 T olive oil - virgin
  • 1 T soy sauce
  • Salt & ground white Pepper
  1. Wash; trim discolored leaves from sprouts; hack off some of stubby bottom
  2. Cut in fine julienne (slivers)
  3. Blanch in boiling water 3 minutes (eliminates any bitterness)
  4. Slice water chestnuts in 1/3rds or ¼s or something (while the sprouts are a-boiling)
  5. Drain sprouts and rinse with cold water (to stop them cooking)
  6. Oil into a frying pan
  7. Add sprouts to pan
    • Stir around and saute a little
    • maybe a minute and a half
  8. Add water chestnuts
    • Stir around and saute a little
    • maybe a minute and a half
  9. Add soy sauce (for color & a little flavour
  10. Check if it needs salt & pepper
    • Probably just some white pepper
  11. Best enjoyed hot
- Done -

Come to think of it… this is simply a stir-fry; they never look very fancy. I'll have to try this again and change the presentation. Perhaps frying the sprouts lightly, and the water chestnuts separately (cut in equaly fine julienne), then plating the sprouts, sprinkling with soy sauce, then the water chestnuts over the sprouts. Might make for a more picturesque setting.

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Shalee said...

Oh Willson... You lost me at brussel sprouts. I'm just going to have to take your word for it until I can get to Holland.