¡ My Camera's Macro Setting Has a Flash !

I've discovered that when using the macro setting on this here old camera that the macro setting can work with the flash. Which I've never figured out before.

The following image uses my macro setting, daylight, and no fill flash. The colors aren't bad but somewhat muted.

This one uses the flash with the macro setting. Oh my, I'm so excited!
The green of the apple is really accurate. Note: These have been cropped but not adjusted for color or intensity in any way.

This one's an extra.

These are miniature scallop shells that we actually ate miniature scallops out of. Each one is just 4 cm across [1½"].

I might be able to save myself five hundred bucks by not having to buy a new camera. ¡ Great !

Note: Published via docs.google.com - which does wierd things with the pictures. It does not shrink them down but somehow crops them to the width of the blog column. So I'm going to have to re-edit this post to fix that.

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