Fireplace: Chiminea

I was cleaning the glass windows of the fireplace (behind the iron grid-work) and since the degreaser from the kitchen wasn't doing the job I got out my jug of sulphuric acid. Known as "strong water" here in Spain; you can buy it in pretty much any grocery store (it's probably illegal in North America). Powerful stuff.

Learning from my (bad) example I advise the use of gloves when using it and put the bottle way off to one side so that you don't knock it over while working. Luckily it splashed onto the cast iron base and the brown tiles so it only got them even cleaner than originally planned. But, boy oh boy was it a dumb move on my part. That, and it smells awful while cleaning and gives off a sulphuric smoke that's quite irritating.

The blue tiles across the top were custom/hand-made in Toledo, Spain. Famous for their beautiful tile-work.

With these 2 photographic posts the table for the b├ęchemel should be clear of the right hand side bar and be fully visible by now.

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Shalee said...

It looks gorgeous! But I'm glad I wasn't there to catch the smell...