Spring Planting

Having to get ready for the garden dinner next week, I popped up to the garden shop to drop a few bills on plant stuff (about 3 bills Canadian). Obviously, there must be some serious maintenance needed.

New planters, peonies, begonias, more begonias, chrysanthemums; and (for me) thyme, rosemary, parsley, more parsley (curly), more thyme (wild), chives. Lots of dirt. It seems ridiculous to pay good money for dirt but there's just no way around it. I don't seem to have time to compost, mix, sift and enrich it the way my grandfather taught me.

I'd forgotten how hard physical work can make one sweat but once the weeds get knee high I guess it's about time for a counter attack.

If I could find the camera I'd take a picture of the giant thyme bush. I love having kitchen plantings just out the back door.

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