Ten Cutting Boards (or Eleven)

No recipe today either. I'm not cooking at home at all this week 'cause the s.o.'s out of town.

So here's an post on another topic.

I have rather a lot of cutting boards. Here are ten of them; and there are a couple more that I could get but don't yet have space for (read that as want to get).
There's one more that's not in the picture but it's out on loan at the moment.

Bottom to top.

  • Wooden block - an about the width of the stove-top. Its really very nice looking and that's mostly why I like it. I think I got it at IKEA
  • Blue - for fish
  • Yellow - for chicken
  • White - baking and dairy
  • Red - meat; red meat that is
  • Green - vegetables
  • Flexible (the really thin one) - pastry making
  • White, but smaller - mostly for cutting bread
  • Black - squid (!?) - what with the black squid ink and all
  • Red - meat again, but a little one
  • missing is a little hardwood one that I like to use for cutting and serving cheese
The idea behind having a whole mess of different colored one comes from the professional kitchen and food regulations. It prevents cross-contamination; when you chop a chicken up and then some vegetables to make (for example) soup, you don't get the chicken cutting muck mixed up in the chopped veggies. And, you don't don't have to more or less disinfect your cutting board between steps when making your recipes.

Usually I have three of four of these out at any one time and I pretty much cover the counter tops, and the little marble topped kitchen island that we have, with these things.

Sure, it's maybe a little odd of me to have this many - but we all have our little obsessions, don't we?

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Shalee said...

I love learning more about what you use in the kitchen and why...