Pho Phuong, Toronto

A lovely place, sort of modern decor, and not expensive. Well executed dishes; flavorful and pretty too. At Dundas (west) and Brock streets.

Mango Smoothie

pho phuong mango 11082008052

Maybe it could use a touch more actual mango - we saw it was made with fresh fruit. Nice tableware.

House Special Broken Rice with 5 Things

pho phuong broken rice 11082008055

What the various "things" are is something of a guess on my part because I didn't take notes - but close enough.

A perfectly fried egg (still wiggly), battered tofu, an omelette sort of (tofu?) tart, a pork chop, some noodle item, crushed peanuts and something of a salad idea. Wait, that's more than 5 things.

House Special Vermicelli with 5 Things

pho phuong vermicelli 11082008056

A spring roll, a battered sugarcane, a red pork sausage, some barbequed pork, noodley stuff, crushed peanuts and a bit of a salad; lots of mint. Oh, and the vermicelli is under there somewhere too.

They had Tsingtao beer too (Chinese).

$3 for the mango shake, 8.50 for the main plates, 4.50 for the beer. Not out of line at all.

Conclusion: I'll be going again

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