Caplansky's, Toronto

There's a place in Toronto called Caplansky's that's making very good smoked meat sandwiches in a very unique location.

It's situated in the Monarch Tavern, on the second floor of their building, a family friendly location, where the kitchen (Caplansky's) is run separately from the tavern portion (The Monarch) but both occupy the same physical space. Very nice arrangement. Symbiotic.

When you hear "smoked meat" think "corned beef" sort of. He makes his own, on site. it's all real, house-made, artisanal and excellent quality. I recommend the "fatty" version (they offer Lean, Medium or Fatty meat). I'd prefer to call it "Full Flavored" rather than fatty though.
The fries are great too.

Assessment: I'll be back regularly.

12 Clinton St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - cross street Henderson (near College & Clinton), Monarch Tavern (upstairs), in Little Italy. Phone: 416-500-3852

Directions: Go to College and Clinton (west of Bathhurst) [by car you go to Grace St, one block further west because of the one-way street situation]; head south past Gore St (yes, there's a corner of Clinton & Gore) - to Henderson St.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff my friend, will check this out.

JK of Scarberia.