Quite the Dinner

The pretzels:


This is just a quick post to mention how nice the dinner was; as were the guests.

The menu, to remind us, was:


A few deviations from plan were; beer & wine instead of Margaritas; some crackers, liverwurst and BrieOka cheese were added; the 18 hour bread was only an 8 hour version.

It turned out to be way too much to eat; we'll be enjoying leftovers for the next couple of days. I probably should have left out the mussels - that course was overdoing it (although they were very good). All in all a great time ; I love cooking for people and appreciate having new victims - - so, thanks.

Every item on the above menu is a separate recipe or preparation (some are two) so the next few days the blog ought to be full of details galore of the fun of going through all this; with some recipe ideas and some hints and tips - - what went right and what went less well.

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