Appetizer: Eggs and Anchovies

This might be called a "pincho" if we were in the Basque country but we're in Galicia so it's just an appetizer.

Slice a baguette into pieces, thinish would be my recommendation.
Hard boiled egg - smash it up with
Anchovies - chopped
mix, and spread on the bread.

I would have liked maybe a little slice of roasted red peppers to top it off. And could have toasted the bread a little.

No foto - still having connectivity problems.


Anonymous said...

Do you know of a good tapas place en Madrid?

willson said...

Well, yes. Several (hundred).
But 1st try the Plaza de Santa Ana & Huertas areas in general (near Puerto del Sol).
Otherwise a classic is: Stop Madrid @ Hortaleza, 11 @ metro: Gran Vía.