Thermomix: Carrot Puré (Puree)

Of course you all know what a Thermomix is, it's a blender with a built-in heating system. Cooks and stirs / blends at the same time! Quite unique one might say.

Today it was Carrot Puré (or is it puree?) - to use up stuff that I had in the vegetable box before it all went bad.

Ingredients: (all go in at once)

  • 500 gr carrots (peeled and chopped up some)
  • 3 leeks (white part only) (chopped up too)
  • 1 potato (peeled, raw [actually, I used 4 semi-minis])
  • 3 cloves garlic (smashed)
  • 2 T olive oil (1st cold pressed virgin 'cause we're basically `eating´ it)
  • 2 T veal stock powder concentrate (or cubes or whatever) (cheating)
  • 8 grains whole black pepper (actually, it was an assortment of colors that my sister had given me)
  • milk (to cover)

    Later when it was done I added:
  • 1 T ground white pepper
  • 1 dashing of nutmeg (fresh ground - but go easy with it)
  • salt, to taste, then a dash more
  • 2 T olive oil
  • milk (a little more to get a soupy consistancy) or cream, but I didn't have any
  1. Speed level 1 at 100C (this is a 1st generation machine so maybe about 5 on the new models - I'll have to research that some day)
  2. 20 minutes (okay, I forgot and it went for 40, no big deal)
  3. Try it and figure that it's too grainy
  4. 1-2 minutes at maximum speed to make it real fine
  5. Taste, decide it's too bland and carroty
  6. Add the second grounp of ingredients
Subtle carrot-leek taste; spicy from the pepper. Not meant as a whole big bowl of soup but more of a appetizer - a modest portion will do.

Alternative to the nifty machine: cook on the stove in a pot and attack at intervals (after 10 minutes to soften the veggies) with an immersion blender.

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