Still Crashed & Foie Gras

Here I am, a week and a half later and still no new hard drive. It's on order though and is expected to come in about a week - a week ago. Ah well. (frown) .
Now working from the (new) home machine (ordered the same time as the drive). I have no connectivity between this machine and my camera phone now my PDA camera so no pictures.
No big deal for the moment - although pictures do seem to be important ot food blogs, especially for one who is not a great writer.

Meanwhile, word of the day: sennight = seven-nights; just like fortnight = fourteen-nights

This week I'm going to make a terrine of foie-gras (duck liver or goose liver). We'll see how it goes. Recipe to follow - probably.

It starts with 2 complete foies. That would be about a kilo (2 pounds for the metrically impaired)

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