Sometimes Life is Simple: Steak

It was late, we'd been out shopping, then went to the Madrid city Christmas concert. So last night we just fried us up some steaks. 400 grams each (about 12 oz?) - and thick..
Got the frying pan out, splashed in a little olive oil (it´s a stainless steel pan - not non-stick). Heat on high until it's close as possible to smoking and the oil's real fluid and coats the pan easily. Toss in the steak -

  • cook side 1 for 1 minute to brown & carmelize,
  • side 2 for 1 minute,
  • lower the heat way low, turn the beast and cover the pan with a lid - wait 3 minutes,
  • turn & cover again - wait 2 minutes.
Cooking it covered is the alternative to sticking it in the oven for a few minutes at 170c. It cooks the meat through.

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