Goya's Dog

Fransisco Goya (1746-1828) was a famous Spanish painter. This is one of his paintings - my favorite. Subtle somehow.

There's a new movie about him showing in theaters here (will probably not hit it too big in America) called Goya's Ghosts. Very enjoyable.

It was also a test of posting a picture to Blogger from Windows Live Writer. Didn't work.

Okay - really really not food related. I had better take some pictures of pizzas at work.

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Shalee said...

The only Goya I can recall is The Third of May, 1808... and that is because it is my birthday - not the year of course, but the date. The picture is just so full of unjust, drama and sorrow.

I can see why this one would be one of your favorites. I really liek the shadow on the wall to and the placement of the dog in the context of the scene. He's the focal point, but not the center.