Spice Shop

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I'm still checking out the photo collection.

This is the 1st food-oriented pic from the trip to Egypt. A spice shop. Approximately 89% of these spices travelled home with me.

This was not in a real touristy area. It's just a regular shop for regular people on a regular street. No self serve; a fellow behind a counter. You wait your turn (while talking to the neighbors who are waiting as well); then chat with the shopkeeper (who is your neighbor too) about what you want.
It takes a while to get the shopping done but there's more people, more community, involved. maybe not such a bad thing.

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Shalee said...

How lovely of a thought to actually make shopping something that is fun, encouraging and hospitable in so many ways.

Surely I can find that somewhere in the states. I'm in the Heartland for goodness sake! We're supposed to be friendly here.